Some postcards or photographs are unfortunately undated and untitled, but seem to be from human zoos. Any information on these pictures is very welcome.

Völkerschau Nubien/Somali FOTO

CDV of a human zoo from East Africa (possibly Nubia or Somalia) – probably taken in Germany

Muttchen mit 2 Singhalesen - Links BOBIS, rechts Genere Karunatillake Jony Prämezundre (1926?)

Photo possibly of a human zoo from India or Sri Lanka – taken in Germany – marked “Muttchen mit 2 Singhalesen”


Indian Human Zoo Foto

Foto of a human zoo from India or Sri Lanka – possibly taken in Germany


Plains Indians on board the St. Paul 1911 – possibly on the way to Europe or back

Series of three photos of a North African human zoo – possibly in France

Photos of a North African Human Zoo – possibly in France

This series of 7 fotos were probably taken at an exhibition, possibly in France.

These two CDVs could have been taken during a human zoo.

Photo of an African village – 3 drummers & a dancer

Series of 4 photos of a North African human zoo in France (???)

CDV of an African performer

Abyssinian Village probably in Germany with a sign “Abessinisches Dorf” over the entrance

CDV of an West African man who most likely was part of a human zoo in France

two CDVs of a Native Americans taken in Berlin (the left by Carl Günther, the right by A. Walther) – maybe in 1884

CDV of a man in African costume who seems to have handled elephants and toured with an african group


Photograph of a group of African performers on a stage

Photo of a POC on stage with a tambourine with an audience – probably taken in German in the 1920ies (???)

Postcard of an African group – possibly touring Germany with a Circus in the 1930ies (???)

Photo of a group of North-African or Arab musicians possibly at a colonial exhibition in France

CDV of a man from Eastern Africa, possibly from a group touring Europe in the 1880ies

CDV of Indian fakirs taken by Theodor Reimers maybe while they performed in Hamburg where the phototgrapher was based